Submit a Proctor

What is a proctor, and how do I know if I need one?

A proctor is an individual approved to supervise test taking. Many online instructors require proctors to ensure academic honesty. Your instructor will inform you if he or she requires a proctor in the syllabus or Blackboard course information.  You will also receive an email from the Office of Extended Learning in the first week of classes with instructions on submitting your proctor(s) for approval.

To submit the proctor approval form, go to the Sharepoint link at the bottom of the Mayville State homepage, Login with your username and password. Once in Sharepoint, click Sites in the top right menu, then click Departments and Offices, and then Extended Learning.  Click Submit Proctor on the left-hand menu.

Please submit your proctor for approval as soon as possible once the term starts, and not less than 10 days prior to your first exam.  You must submit your proctor for approval each semester you are enrolled with Mayville State.  Please see this tutorial with instructions on how students submit proctors for approval.

Proctor Criteria

In order to be approved as a proctor, a person must be a disinterested professional with a valid business office, business telephone and business email address (personal phone numbers and personal email addresses are not acceptable--no Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.). Some examples are:

  • A superintendent, principal or counselor at a public school

  • A high school or elementary teacher

  • A college or university administrator, dean, department chair, registrar or faculty member

  • A professional staff member at a college or university

  • A certified librarian or other library staff member

  • A civil service examiner

  • A judge of a court of law

  • A human resource director or employee development coordinator

  • A military officer or non-commissioned officer of a higher rank

  • A law enforcement officer

Students are responsible for knowing the technical requirements for taking online courses. Prior to enrollment, students should be aware of the limits to the internet connectivity that may be available to them for taking online courses and exams, including the use of required proctoring services. It is also important that students make proctoring arrangements at the start of the term, allowing time for proctor requests to be reviewed and (hopefully!) approved well in advance of exam dates. Students will need to test their equipment and services, being mindful that updates are sometimes needed, to help ensure they are ready for test days. Please review the technical requirements for online students as needed.

Your proctor must have reliable internet access. You may use your personal laptop computer to take an exam at your proctor's place of business. Please note you are not allowed to take your exams in your home or your proctor's private home or residence. You must take your exam at a professional office, school, college or university, library, or other business or public institution.

A proctor must NOT be living at the same address as the student.  A proctor must NOT be a family member, significant other, or friend.


A proctor must NOT be another undergraduate student, including work study students in a campus office, library, or tutoring center.